Orangery design and Installations in Birmingham

Are you thinking of adding a conservatory to your Birmingham property but require something a little more stylish that compliments the look of your current home more closely? Then an orangery may be the answer. Our orangeries enable you to create extra living space around your home adding a touch of elegance but still in a cost effective way using the latest building materials to ensure your orangery is thermally efficient and built to last.


Our orangeries generally consist of a more solid structure combining brick pillars and walls with large PVCu glazed windows creating additional light but maintaining your homes design integrity. AJS offer a wide range of frame finishes available for your new Orangery that can also be combined with hand-made decorative glass for an even more unique look.

Deciding on a PVCu orangery for your home will potentially add the following features

  • Generally more brickwork to blend more closely with your home
  • Optional ceiling lighting due to reduced ceiling perimeter
  • Mix of traditional features combined with latest glass technology
  • Bespoke orangery design to compliment existing style of your home
  • More elegant and luxurious feel to your PVCu orangery

The Benefits of Orangeries

A house orangery is a great way to expand your living space, bring the beauty of nature into your home and make a stylish statement. Not only are they beautiful, but they also offer many practical benefits. Making them an attractive option for homeowners looking to extend or renovate their property.

A large orangery can provide extra light and space. Making them an ideal choice for those who want to create a bright, open living area or a contemporary conservatory. They are much better insulated than traditional extensions. Meaning they are energy efficient and comfortable all year round. The addition of glass walls and roofing panels makes it possible to enjoy the outdoors with protection from the elements.


Orangeries can also be customised to meet your exact needs. With a variety of design and orangery interior options available. Whether you are looking for a traditional or modern orangery styles. Searching orangeries for sale, can provide you with the perfect solution.

If you would like to install an orangery in your home, there are many experienced and reliable orangery builders near me who can help you create the perfect space. We are able to advise you on small orangery extension ideas and materials for your orangery and ensure that it meets all building regulations. We will also be able to provide guidance on orangery designs, ensuring that your finished structure looks stunning and is safe and secure. With AJS, you can be sure that your orangery will create a beautiful and functional living space.